Aisha Zuiter is an independent musician based in Salt Lake City, UT. She began her cellotastic journey in the seventh grade. Inspired by the Piano Guys interpretation of the Prelude from the first Bach Cello Suite and filled with hope from Yo-Yo Ma's ability to share music across cultures around the globe, she began learning the first Bach Cello Suite as soon as she could play on all four strings. As a self-taught cellist, she often relied on YouTube recordings to learn the proper way to play. She still remembers learning how to shift positions on her instrument while playing along to the Piano Guys cover of "Nearer My God to Thee." She learned to appreciate the feel of good orchestral sound from her involvement in her school and district symphonies, as well as the Salt Lake Symphony Side-By-Side and the Utah Symphony All-Star concerts. Now, she performs solo concerts for patients at the University Hospital, rehab facilities, and private events. She continues to play in the Salt Lake Symphony, has composed and helped release an album with Ravensfell Music, and performs with the Celtic jazz group, SYNKOFA.  
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