Album cover art by Aisha Zuiter, 2021
Dry Spell 
"The remote canyons and shifting sands of our Earth’s desert environments are worlds unto themselves. 

Water, the desert’s lifeblood, leaves it’s ubiquitous mark. Through original composition and classical guitar, Eric captures the longings and feelings of tranquility, thirst, festivity, sorrow, wanderlust & weariness that reside within the inhabitants and travelers of these arid realms. 

Graced by violin, cello, and upright bass arrangements and traditional percussion instruments, Dry Spell straddles contemporary classical, world music and instrumental storytelling
." - Eric McKenna 
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I. A Dry Spell (Prologue) 6:30
II. Twilight Soliloquy 2:33
III. Moonstones 4:09
IV. Before First Light 1:02
V. Fire Orb 7:54
VI. Watercolor Tapestry 6:40
VII. Beyond the Ruins 1:05
VIII. Land of Iron, Land of Rust 7:40
IX. Petrichor 1:15
X. Softly Came the Rains 16:55
XI. A Dry Spell (Reprise) 1:55
Total Running Time 57:30

All music composed by Eric McKenna except Before First Light composed by Aisha Zuiter, Petrichor composed by Aisha Zuiter & Eric McKenna, and Beyond The Ruins composed by Jonni Lightfoot All music arranged, engineered & produced by Jonni Lightfoot & Eric McKenna with additional string/wind arrangements by Aisha Zuiter (Softly Came the Rains, Moonstones, Watercolor Tapestry, Land Of Iron, Land of Rust, Break of Dawn, Petrichor), Theresa Ellis (A Dry Spell - Prologue, Watercolor Tapestry and Land Of Iron, Land of Rust) and Kevin Flynn (Fire Orb) Mastering by Matthew Loel T. Hepworth Artwork by Kirsten Gellella, QB Design & Aisha Zuiter Photography by Eric McKenna & Meghan Balough

Album inside cover art by Quinn

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